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What’s Trending this Thanksgiving? Here Are a Few…

As the 2nd favorite ranked U.S. holiday behind only Christmas, Thanksgiving is all about traditions and – of course – food. It seems today, however, we find ourselves in a world where traditions are turning to trends, and with a rebounding economy Thanksgiving is becoming more and more synonymous with the hype of Black Friday shopping than the feast itself.

Nevertheless, some potential new traditions this year might include having or attending a Friendsgiving, which includes those dear friends whom you regard as family but have no actual relation, grocery shopping online – in an obvious effort to save time as well as reduce stress – even a so-called “Fakesgiving” that serves as a trial-run meal for those adventurous food types looking to practice different or appealing recipes at a mock Thanksgiving before the real big day arrives.  

Yes, it seems Thanksgiving can be as traditional or groundbreaking as you prefer. I found an interesting article related to this Fakesgiving concept and have posted the link below. The picture I’ve used for the headline of this post is a word cloud and shows which foods are most popular by size. The bigger the word, the more tables it will be served upon this holiday! I’ve also included a couple infographics below displaying Thanksgiving statistics you might find interesting – or even mind blowing.

No matter what you will be eating this Thursday or where you’ll be eating it or who you’ll be eating it with, I’d like to wish you a cheerful Thanksgiving, and time well spent with the ones you love this season.

NPR Presents: Thanksgiving Trend Watchers Test Recipes So You Don't Have To




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