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Top Ten Gift Ideas For Her

While the general consensus around the holidays is that shopping is an enjoyable and positive experience, many dread the thought of shopping – not to mention trying to figure out what to even shop for – and on top of this, shopping for an overwhelming list of friends and family! (sigh) If you find yourself in this weary assembly of people, fear not my friends, for this post is inspired by you and intended for you. I have done my homework and compiled a list (in no particular order) of 10 practical and relatively universal gifts to give your girlfriend, best friend, mom, sister, you-name-it. It’s time to get your ducks in a row this holiday season because organized shopping is happy shopping. 🙂

1. Flashpoint Candles

First on the list is a Luxury Artisan Candle from Flashpoint Candles. First reason why this made the top ten list is that it is relatively safe. Most women – of no particular age I might add – enjoy candles, and if you’re worried about which scent to pick out these wonderfully unique candles come in a wide variety of clean and floral scents. Citronella and unscented candles are also available in these great conversation pieces. The big ones are a bit pricey, so if it’s not in your budget the single and double wick candles are priced between $12 and $60. Click the candle to go to the Flashpoint Candles website for more. What’s a more beautiful gift this season than candlelight?

2. Books

Next in line is a gift idea geared toward our 20 somethings who have a liking for style, fashion, and a good-read. Anthropologie is a high end clothier for women that also offers accessories and home décor. Their website alone is a great place for gift inspiration. The book, Love Style Life, by Garance Dore ($30) stuck out in particular as a unique gift that (even if it’s not read, because let’s be honest, it happens) looks great on any nightstand or coffee table. “The guardian of all style” (The New York Times Magazine) shares stories on life, love, style, and career, from Paris to New York, and inspires readers to cultivate an effortless chic that is all their own. Click the photo for more info.

3. Thermal Travel Mug

If you happen to notice any one of the particular ladies on your shopping list enjoying an early morning brew on-the-go, this next gift might be the perfect practical present for them. Thermal coffee/tea mugs are all the rage with the Keurig craze and all – they’re easy on the wallet too. Below is an example of one of the bright and cheery mugs found on Coming in at only $14 it’s a great stocking stuffer or a gift for friends. Click the cup for more info.

4. Canvas Tote

Most women are known for carrying a purse, but we all know the ladies who are never seen going to and from work without at least 2 bags in their hands. Click the photo for more - this practical (and humorous) tote from will help take the load off at about $20. And for those creative penny pinchers out there, google DIY canvas totes for great ideas on how to make your own for a special personalized touch.

5. Polaroid Camera

With high quality cameras now built in to our cell phones, it seems everyone these days can be a photographer. For those who appreciate the “olden days” of photography – this is the perfect gift with just the right mix of modern technology and nostalgia. Introducing the Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Polaroid Camera! The photo below holds the link to Best Buy where it comes in a variety of fun colors and currently retails for $74.99 – instant color film sold separately.

6. Jewelry Organizer

It’s not a new concept…Women love jewelry! The problem is how to store our ever growing collection of precious gems and accessories. Instead of tucking them away in an enclosed and clunky jewelry box, get her something unique that allows her to show off her favorite jewelry even when she’s not wearing it! Click the photo below if you’re interested in this geometrical jewelry organizer from Urban Outfitters for $24. (The picture shows in gold but it is also available in black.)

7. Hot Iron Holder

This next gift item is for your girls in their teens, 20’s and 30’s. I would venture to say a heavy majority of this group currently owns a flat iron, curling iron, or some type of hot iron tool for hair styling and uses it on a regular basis. If you’re roommate/sister/etc. happens to be one of these girls, you my friend are in luck! This organizational beauty is the perfect item to free up bathroom counter space by offering a place to put all those hot tools, and has countless other uses as well. The photo below is the link to the Holster Brands website and the one’s shown below cost about $30.

8. Kate Spade Umbrella

After the great lengths we women go to style our hair each day, this next gift idea will aid in not letting that hard work go to waste on a rainy day. Check out this stylish umbrella from Kate Spade for $38. With an umbrella this fun, not only will it keep your ladies hair-do’s moisture free, it will also add to their look as a great accessory! All women are sure to love it. Click the photo for more info.

9. Naked Basics Nude Eyeshadow Palette

Now, I know what you’re thinking on this next one – “Makeup? That’s impossible to give as a gift!” Well, fear not. If you know the women you’re gift hunting for wear makeup on a regular basis this could be the perfect gift they were never expecting. The Naked Basics Palette by Urban Decay features 6 beautiful matte nude shades that are (and this is the best part) perfect for every skin tone, you just have to decide whether the lucky lady has light skin or dark (Naked2 Basics is for darker skin). They are available at for $29 and will last her months.

10. 2016 Wall Calendar

Last, but certainly not least, is this handmade watercolor 2016 wall calendar with a wonderfully ornate floral design that is sure to brighten and cheer any wall, cabinet or bulletin board in their home. If you’re wary of the lackluster mall stands full of the same calendars you see every year, click the photo below and find a striking handmade calendar available in different designs by ScribbledCo on costing about $40 for a gift that keeps on giving…for the entire year!

All in all, I hope this list served as an inspiration to you in all your shopping plights this holiday season. Good luck and happy hunting!

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