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Top Apps For Homeowners

Top Apps For Homeowners

You've Made It.

If you finally have saved enough for a down payment and just purchased your first or third or twentieth home, it’s smart to realize the work has not stopped there. The grind continues from homebuyer into homeowner but it’s nice there are apps designed to help you just the same. With last week devoted to achieving your short term goals, this week takes a look into long term.

HomeBudget & HomeBudget Lite

To kick things off, let’s continue on in finance mode being that it’s a major management piece that will continue for a lengthy duration of your homeownership tenure. While saving is still an important piece of smart financial practice, budgeting becomes essential with a monthly mortgage payment on top of other recurring bills including property taxes and homeowner’s insurance you may not be used to. HomeBudget with Sync was created to help keep track of your budget by creating a place to literally see how your finances operate. Key features include tracking expenses, income, bills, categories and budgets, accounts and the ability to create reports such as trend charts. Sometimes seeing is believing and with apps such as this your dreams of being a successful and responsible homeowner can come true. To receive full access to extensive features, the app costs $4.99 but there is also a free version (HomeBudget Lite) for you to try out. Click here for iTunes app store and here for Google Play.

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A good part of long term savings involves the stock market, but those of us not introduced or even interested in investing might miss out on important wealth building opportunities. That’s what Acorns is designed for. While it does cost money, the investment is literally pennies for something that really might pay off one day. Literally. They call it “micro investing” and what happens is you first connect your credit/debit card, then each time you run your card the app rounds up your purchase to the nearest dollar and automatically invests it in a portfolio you create through a recommended diverse combination of ETFs (exchange traded funds) based on your financial situation and goals. There are other apps like this out there worth your research if you think you may be interested in getting your foot in the investment door. Click here for the iTunes app store and here for Google Play.


Serial Plus & Serial Plus Free

You know how they always say, as a homeowner you need to keep record of all your valuable possessions in case something happens and your home experiences damage, when you then have to work with insurance companies to figure out just what was all lost? I bet if you asked the average homeowner if they actually took the time to keep up their “home inventory” it would be a lower number than it should be. That’s why apps such as this one are so important. Serial Plus ($4.99 but there is a free version to test out) is an app that takes the hassle out of inventorying your home with many other crucial features. Under a secure 256-bit encryption, take photos of items as well as log serial numbers and warranties on hardware and software items all in one place. Another cool feature is the backup & restore system used through Dropbox, so if something were to happen to your phone you would still have access to all the information. Talk about a lifesaver. Click here for more information.



Whether you are new to homeownership or not doesn’t make you an expert on how to physically take care of it. This next app could potentially be one of those instances where technology swoops in and saves you from drowning in inexperience. Introducing Centriq, your one-stop-shop for home organization, repair and maintenance. What it does: it provides a place for you to store importance receipts, documents, service provider information, notes and home inventory. It also has the ability, through taking a photo of the sticker on your major systems, mechanicals and appliances containing the model number and Centriq will pull the item up and give you detailed information on parts, where to get them, how much they cost, service provider information and even copies of manuals and tutorials on how things work to give you insight you never knew you could have on how your home actually works. Beyond that it can set up a maintenance plan for you to keep you ahead of the curve on what to do and when. Do some digging and see if Centriq is your key to being a homeowner expert. Click here for more information.



Along those same lines is another app known as BrightNest. Powered by Angies List, this app aims to help keep you on track with home organization, cleaning schedules, DIY crafts, home tips and home maintenance. Similar to Pinterest with thousands of articles on various home-owning related topics, you can keep yourself on schedule with recurring tasks and reminders in addition to perusing through articles of your interest. Click here for more information on iTunes or here for Google Play.



Rachael Dvorak

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