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The Minimalist Trend: Making a Big Impact in a Small Way

“Less is more.”

If there was one phrase to epitomize the idea behind the new trend, that would be it.  If you are an avid or even casual participant of Pinterest, Instagram, blogging or social media in general, you might be familiar with this minimalist concept, and if not, I’ll explain. 

In a culture that, save the occasional economical dip, has witnessed a steady incline in the amount of things the average American owns, as well as the cost of these things and the number of channels through which to show off these things, the minimalist trend boldly challenges, in a sense, the “way things have always been.”  The definition of minimalist as an adjective according to reads, “being or offering no more than what is required or essential.” features an article called A New, Minimalist Economy by writer Joshua Becker, in which he goes into detail regarding how this trend is and very well might influence the American economy in the future as Millennials in particular draw towards it.

Omaha in particular has seen a rise in this self-sufficient, pro-small business attitude in certain areas of town such as Benson, Dundee and the Old Market. Local businesses such as the Benson Soap Mill, Scout: Dry Goods & Trade, The Flying Worm and many others. Even large companies are tapping into the concept. TD Ameritrade, an Omaha based online brokerage, showcases their minimalist conscience with one of the largest, most energy efficient buildings in the country. Companies like Uber and Airbnb are innovatively opening doors to more simplistic ways of travel and lodging where the consumer’s dime goes further with a richer experience.

Minimalism, therefore promotes a stuff-free, stress-free way of life that encourages steering away from the materialistic focusing instead on experiences, ingenuity, conservatism and creativity.  Minimalism affects fashion, interior design, small businesses + entrepreneurship, and for some, their entire lifestyle.


Now, in terms of a minimalist way of decorating I know what you may be thinking -- it doesn't mean throwing interior design out the window alltogether. Au contraire! The goal is serenity, simplicity and a living space where you don't feel suffocated. In larger spaces, a monotone color scheme and little pops of color achieve this look perfectly (see above). In smaller spaces, few things on the counter and plenty of storage space keep it feeling simple yet practical as seen below.



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