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The Greatest Things to Do After the Fireworks Are Over This Fourth of July

The Greatest Things to Do After the Fireworks Are Over This Fourth of July

The Fourth of July is the one national holiday where you will rarely find a living soul indoors. It’s a time for family, friends, good food & drink, and - of course - fireworks. But for those of us who are sad when the grand finale of the fireworks show is over, have young children or even those that have a sour taste for fireworks in general, I have created a list with plenty of ideas for fun to be had once the sun goes down.

There is a recurring theme to these nighttime activities and, as you might have guessed, it’s glow-in-the-dark! Practically everything on this list has something to do with glow sticks and their entertaining versatility. Let’s get to it, shall we?

Homemade Bubble Wands

A spin on the traditional “bubbles in a bottle”, Martha Stewart suggests creating your own bubble wands out of wire in whatever shapes you can think of, and even provides a recipe for liquid bubbles better than what you can buy in a tiny plastic bottle. 

…With Glow-in-the-Dark Bubbles

Yep, you guessed it. Crack open some glow sticks and throw them into your liquid bubble mixture for a mesmerizing show that doesn’t include explosions.  

Ring Toss with Glow-in-the-Dark Necklaces

It’s as easy as it sounds! Buy some glow in the dark necklaces that when cracked and attached create visible rings for your nighttime ring toss tournament.

Patriotic Piñata

It’s not a real party without a piñata, right? Okay, maybe not, but it’s still a great thing to do at any age. Need it to glow? Paint it with glow-in-the-dark spray paint, or fill it with cracked glow sticks. Are you getting the gist yet?

Glow-in-the-Dark Volleyball

Click here for step-by-step instructions on how to create your own night volleyball. Line your net with red clear and blue string lights, and outline the court with lights or glow sticks for a game that can last till dawn.

Biodegradable Paper Confetti

For those who would like to leave no traces of a Fourth of July party behind, invest in some biodegradable paper that will break down naturally in rain water.

Confetti Filled Balloons

Need more of a bang than biodegradable paper? Put your paper in balloons for some eco-friendly fun with a kick. (Tip: there are plenty of yard games involving balloons too – give your guests an extra surprise with this one!)

You're also free to fill water balloons with water + a glow stick for more glow-in-the-dark fun!

Bubble Wrap Noise Maker

Last but not least is the noisemaker safe for even the youngest celebrators. Happy Fourth of July to all and to all a good NIGHT!



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