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The Best Ways To Spring Clean Your Life

The Best Ways To Spring Clean Your Life

What would spring be without a blog about spring cleaning? While a deep clean to your home is necessary, a quick tidy-up to your life sounds just as important. I don't think it's crazy to say messy homes are symmetrical to messy minds so the following will break down three categories to help get you all shined up inside and out: interior design, lifestyle and home.


I hope your holiday décor has long since been put away, but if it was “that” kind of a season for you, this gives you the perfect dose of motivation to make sure what should be in storage is actually there. If the budget is tight, worry not. The internet is hemorrhaging with creative and easy DIY décor ideas, and on the flip-side, if your budget has a little give then you get an excuse to go shopping – two thumbs up. A little goes a long way by switching up easy staple items such as accent pillows, bedding, door mats, candles, and centerpieces.

A favorite summer past time of mine that perfectly compliments nice weather is sitting on a front or back porch to eat, chat on the phone, read a book or simply do nothing. That said, if you have an outdoor patio or porch that isn’t currently being used as an additional room to your home, I encourage you to consider creating one. Big or small, doesn’t matter, a chair or two, side table and maybe a couple potted plants or other décor pieces are the only ingredients to a warm weather season well spent outside.

Further along that point, you no longer have to be a bonafide gardener to have a beautiful garden. Not only that, but a decent garden is often the fastest route to great curb appeal. The key is organization. An organized yard with balance and definition will do wonders. Make note of how much or little sun your yard gets, then research low maintenance plants on the internet. Make sure each area is lined with either brick, stone or something that contains the mulch, have fun with color and voila you can enjoy spring from any angle of your home.



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The key to a good lifestyle cleanse is out with the bad and in with the good. Try to find a bad habit – it can be small to start – and switch it for a good habit. This way instead of focusing on the loss of one habit you will be focused on the new one. For example: if you think you spend too much time on the couch watching TV, instead maybe try joining a yoga class or joining a book club, or even just reading a magazine. Anything to help you get used to something other than a bad habit. The list is infinite, learn a new instrument, cook or bake a new recipe, learn a new skill, spend time in a garden, learn Sudoku or other mind engaging puzzles, etc. etc.

Another way to clean your lifestyle is to leave it for a bit. Take a trip. It can be planned, but should have an impromptu taste to it so that you get out of your life for a minute to let your mind and body take a break from the hum-drum of daily life. You’ll be amazed how refreshed you feel after a quick weekend trip that didn’t drain you budget, yet left you with an attitude ready to take on the upcoming days and weeks. Lifestyle cleaning at its best!

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This category is what you’re probably most familiar with in terms of spring cleaning, therefore, it’s helpful to talk not so much about what you need to clean as how to go about it. Having a whole house or apartment to take care of can be overwhelming which leads to discouragement and procrastination.

How to get around this: decide what rooms or areas are non-negotiables – places where you literally get a headache just by looking at it. Start there so at least if you get distracted a week later you’ll have the meat of what was obnoxious taken care of. And yes this includes the junk drawer. With places like The Container Store new to Westroads Mall you no longer have an excuse to have miscellaneous drawers without some type of organizational tool to help control the chaos.

If you don’t have a clear area of where to start, then turn to a cleaning schedule like the one below that organizes and appoints where to clean and when. This way it’s not overwhelming and you can make progress even throughout your busiest weeks.

It’s a little harder to do this schedule with your car, so if you’re really strapped for time, consider having your car detailed. Even though I’m a person that strives for “neat & tidy” everywhere, I think we can all agree there is nothing better than a freshly cleaned car. And that’s a gift that keeps on giving…until the next time it rains at least.


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Rachael Dvorak

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