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The Best Way to Decorate Your Mantelpiece This Fall

The Best Way to Decorate Your Mantelpiece This Fall
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As temperatures continue to drop and we once again revel in the warmth of our own homes, there is one sacred ritual that embodies this upcoming fall and winter season: lighting the fireplace. The hearth is a focal point of many homes with both practical and mystical intentions, fitting in just as well next to our thanksgiving tables as a decorated evergreen. That said, it becomes a sort of monument to the season where we can pay tribute to the spirit of the holidays through art, décor and each homeowner’s creative touch.

Now, for those who feel they don’t possess an artistic or decorative bone in their body, there are simple ways to accomplish this without becoming overwhelmed by the mountains of décor for sale in retail stores. With just a little organization and pre-planning the perfect fall mantle can be yours!

There are 2 key trends for decorating this season: rustic & elegant (or a combination of the two). The first step is choosing a theme you would most like to use as this will narrow the scope of what individual items would be best to display. Keep in mind the goal for uniformity in your display is the proper contrast between colors and neutrals (white, black, grey, brown).


You can start your search by looking around your home as many of the items used you may already have, making the project easy on your budget! Look for fall colored candles, votives, and lanterns – even chalkboards, mirrors, old window frames or picture frames with a solid frame color. The idea is to contrast big pieces with neutral colors against little pops of color throughout.


For the rustic look, stick to hearty and rich fall colors such as golden orange, sunflower yellow, firebrick red or sandalwood brown. Use these colors in your decorative pieces to contrast against the neutral color of your mantle. The color pieces can come in many forms, though the most popular suggestion would include pumpkins and faux leaves, flowers or berries. Stick with natural textures and textiles – they will easily coordinate!

For a more elegant look, sparkle and shimmer is the key! You can pick either gold or silver but don’t use both as it will clash and become overwhelming. Paint small pumpkins the same color and dip the bottom half in a glitter of your choice. Mirrors also help give the illusion a space is bigger, so if you have one, place it on top of your mantel as the focal point and line your sparkling decorations in front. Mercury glass is a unique element to incorporate for silver themed mantels.



The beauty of this project is that it is immensely flexible and totally up to the discretion of each homeowner. If you are running short on spare time during the holiday season, this is a great way to spruce up your home for guests without head-to-toe decorations throughout your home. Alternatively, if you have an abundance of time you can put your DIY skills to work and create a masterpiece for holiday guests to enjoy for weeks to come!



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