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Tempting Tile Trends for 2017

Tempting Tile Trends for 2017

Tile is one of those things that’s so copious in its uses and features that it’s really a key piece of both design and functionality in your home. With literally endless options of what to get and even where to put it, that is why we are devoting an entire week to what looks are currently flooding the interior design scene and home improvement projects from coast to coast. These tile trends are so tempting they may just inspire your current home projects right here in Omaha. The pros and cons of tile will slide one way or the other depending on your specific project but here are a few to keep in mind.

Pros: Tile is versatile meaning it can go almost anywhere, very durable if installed correctly, often can be cost efficient compared to other materials, easy to maintain and keep clean and comes in more colors, shapes and sizes than you'll know what to do with.

Cons: Often a pain to replace or repair which means labor can be costly, tile can be very expensive depending on what you want and maintenance can be a con as tiled showers often need to be re-caulked or grouted every so often from the constant moisture. There are also limitations due to the porosity of tile. Some tiles belong only indoors, while you can use others both outside and in.

If you have the budget to splurge a little tile is a brilliant way to do so. You know the saying a picture is worth 1000 words? So is tile. Much of the design goals can be achieved simply by choosing a stately tile. Let the home speak for itself.

Shapes | Patterns

New shapes of tiles and patterned tiles are becoming increasingly popular, especially in the bathroom. Much like an accent wall, bold colors and designs can be used on one wall of your shower, or the shower floor to add visual interest. 

As far as shapes go, the hexagon is a big hit for floors and backsplashes, and one you may not have seen before is the fish scale tile often in blue or green tones but in all colors including dark browns. Subway is still a staple as well, particularly with a high shine or gloss, and penny tile with it's rich visual texture.

Beyond that, the boundaries of tile shapes are being pushed in the direction of geometry. It's all about lines.

      white gloss tiles with a chevron pattern are ideal for any bathroom    floor tile ideas bathroom with clawfoot tub   I have this thing for floors Interior Design Home


 floor tile ideas white bathroom with natural light   awesome 99 New Trends Bathroom Tile Design Inspiration 2017   Absolutely love this backsplash. Kitchen detail with stunning hood fan #SabalHomes #uncommonlystylish #kitchen

Unfinished Edge - Backsplash

This is a unique feature that is currently trending. It goes along with those who prefer an edgy design and is just another way to give your backsplash an extra little pop. As you can see, it looks great with the honeycomb shape or subway in a herringbone or crisscross pattern. 

Oh! I like you! | Our Latest Obsession: The Unfinished Backsplash AT      unfinished hex tile backsplash in the kitchen // via coco+kelley   I love these hexagon tiles from topps tiles, they really add a unique look to a kitchen

Faux Wood Tile

Flooring that looks like wood, can at times feel like wood but is in fact the much easier to maintain, tile? You can see why this beaut is trending. Wood floors will likely never go out of style, but they often require a lot of care, attention and money. Tile is an easier and usually cheaper alternative now that tiles are the new wolf in sheep's clothing if you will. Plus it can easily go in any room in your house.

Mudroom flooring. Gray, wood grain tile in herringbone pattern.   I'm obsessed with this white kitchen! The pendant lights and wood tile floor makes for a really gorgeous room!   

American Heritage 6   Wood Tile


Color goes hand-in-hand with the pattern trend, and while the grays and whites and beiges of tile will likely always be around, it's time for new colors, particularly green and matte black. And rightly so, as these colors are trending anyway in kitchens and bathrooms, a.k.a. two of the most common places we see tile. 

Green and copper kitchen tile    tile trends soft blue subway tile shower  

If you remember back to art class and the rules of the color wheel, green and red are opposites meaning they are complimentary colors. Should it come as a shock to you then that red hues are also trending? And this time, it's not just any red, it's terra cotta red. Both of these color schemes fit into the rustic vibes we love so much and this very naturalistic movement we see beyond interior design. 

6 Amazing tile trends for 2017 | Daily Dream Decor | Bloglovin’    tile trends green hexagon tile shower   

Old Europe

Next is the classic trick of blending the old with the new. There is an unfailing attraction to the history of old Europe and the special atmosphere that creates. Makes sense then that we want to bring that sort of luxury that surpasses time into our homes. For tile, this means terra cotta, travertine, gilded grout, subway with black grout, etc. Looks like old is the new black.

dark stained wood beams, hex terracotta floor   Mud room and back patio tile   Brass & Herringbone oozes elegance.   Towel rod for hanging hangers ... maybe instead of hooks???Install them on thick flat molding at top of bead board ... hmm ... New Laundry Room: The Reveal!


Rachael Dvorak

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