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Oh, HAIL No. What to Do When Summer Storms Damage Your Home.

Oh, HAIL No. What to Do When Summer Storms Damage Your Home.

Everyone who lives or has ever lived along tornado alley has probably experienced some type of massive storm that produced at the very least rain and hail, especially us Nebraskans as we see it often. Year after year we endure an impressive slew of storms proving the wrath Mother Nature can haul, which can unfortunately mean serious and costly damage to our homes. Whether you’re a first time home-buyer, a seasoned homeowner, or even if you recently did experience hail damage, stay tuned for important information that will give you as much peace of mind as possible and a plan of attack if storms ever do happen to strike your area.


If you live in a subdivision, be sure to check the covenants in regards to shingle requirements. You may be thinking, “I had no idea there were rules on specific roof material, color, etc.” well, there often is and it is wise to be aware of. Beyond new roof installments, this also regards repairs as well. Upgrades in quality of shingle (impact resistant) are unlikely to be covered by most insurance providers although a reduced premium with these better shingles might be an option with some. It’s up to you to find out. Don’t know how to find your covenants? Contact your homeowner’s association, or you can also try TitleCore National’s website by clicking here

***Even if you are simply replacing your roof due to age, regardless of storm damage, do take note that the City of Omaha requires roofing companies to have a permit for re-roofing, which you should verify. Beyond that, make sure the roofing company you choose is bonded or insured for further liability protection and your best interest. You have a right to request this proof of coverage.


If a storm hits, and you suspect hail damage to your roof or siding, first have a licensed/bonded/insured contractor come and take a look at it before calling your insurance company. It is possible that your insurance costs may go up even if a claim isn’t filed. By having the contractor out first, you can determine what to do next. It may be nothing, or depending on how hard you were hit, it may then be time to file a claim.

Furthermore, if you file a claim and move forward with the insurance process, you need to be sure you understand everything you sign as it can have serious ramifications if you don’t know what you’re getting into. The Nebraska Department of Insurance issued a press release on this subject exactly. CLICK HERE TO READ THE FULL REPORT. It's chock-full of vital info and tips to keep you out of potentially negative situations that could cost you time and money.


Rachael Dvorak

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