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NP Dodge Military Assistance Rebate

NP Dodge Military Assistance Rebate


In order to thank all of our past and current Veterans and their families for everything they have done, NP Dodge Real Estate offers a Military Assistance Program! This program is available to active military families, retired military members with 20+ years of service and also to wounded veterans.

The Military Assistance Program is very similar to that offered by USAA, which many veterans are familiar with. However, with NP Dodge’s program, we will match the USAA Mover Advantage rate plus an additional $50! The rebate levels are determined by the price of the home you are purchasing starting at $400 for a home between $0-99,999 and go all the way up to $6,050 for a rebate on homes $1,000,000 and higher (see chart below).

Rebate Levels

SALE PRICE                                        REBATE

$0 - $99,999                                          $400

$100,000 - $149,999                           $700

$150,000 - $249,999                           $1,000

$250,000 - $399,999                           $1,300

$400,000 - $499,999                           $1,600

$450,000 - $499,999                           $2,050

$500,000 - $549,999                           $2,550

$550,000 - $599,999                           $3,550

$600,000 - $699,999                           $4,050

$700,000 - $799,999                           $4,550

$800,000 - $899,999                           $5,050

$900,000 - $999,999                           $5,550

$1,000,000 +                                         $6,050

Registration Process

Important note: to be eligible for the NP Dodge Military Assistance Program you must register prior to beginning the home buying or selling process. You can visit the NP Dodge website or email us at [email protected] to get registered!


Sarah Pierce

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