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Neighborhood Spotlight: Bellevue

Neighborhood Spotlight: Bellevue


Our next neighborhood spotlight takes us south of Omaha to the city of Bellevue. According to, Bellevue has a long history dating back to 1822 when it was first settled as a fur trading post and then was later sold to the U.S. Government in 1832 to be used as the Missouri River Indian Agency. In 1850, Bellevue became a Mormon settlement and experienced a growth of population from those heading West to California. In the late 1800’s land was bought to form Fort Crook, which helped the population grow further and allowed Bellevue University to be opened in 1966. Fort Crook later turned into Offutt Air Force Base, which helped turn Bellevue into the town it is today. Offutt is well know for being the Martin bomber plant during World War II and is now home to the Strategic Air Command. Bellevue is also home to Fontenelle Forest, which features 19 miles of hiking trails overlooking the Missouri River in addition to the University of Nebraska medical Center of Bellevue off of Highway 370.

Offutt Air Force Base Gate 1972


The area spans North to South from the general area of Child Road to Wilhelminia Dr and East to West from the Missouri River to the area of 53rd Street. Bellevue consists of many neighborhoods and subdivisions including Olde Towne Bellevue, Spring Ridge, Cedar Grove, Clearwater Falls and Chris and Hanson Lake’s to the South. Bellevue is rapidly growing as new subdivisions have been popping up to the west towards Papillion and also south towards Plattsmouth. 

Stella's Bar & Grill in Old Towne famous for their large burgers


Bellevue has their own school district consisting of two high schools, Bellevue East and Bellevue West, 3 middle schools and 15 elementary schools. The school district has purchased additional land to build another elementary school near 48th and Capehart.

Bellevue School Boundaries

Home Sales Statistics

In the past six months homes there have been 506 homes sold in the Bellevue area. The highest listing price in the last six month was $725,000 and highest sold price was $725,000. While the lowest listing price was $39,900 and lowest sale price was $34,000.

If you are interested in purchasing or selling a home in the Bellevue area or any other part of Omaha please contact [email protected] for more information.  



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