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It’s Never Too Early! Show Off These Neutral Pre-Fall Decor Musts

It’s Never Too Early! Show Off These Neutral Pre-Fall Decor Musts

While some of us might be taking our time sucking every last drop out of summer and welcoming denial that it is practically over, others jump at the arrival of the fall and string of holiday seasons upon us. The idea here is to get the best of both worlds! The beauty of neutral post-summer decor is that it is vastly more versatile and lends flexibility to the arrival and passing of multiple holidays - not just one. What does this mean for you? Three things: one, less storage. The less holiday decor you have, the less you have to store. Two, it will save you time! These are crazy months ahead of us as it is and the finding time to switch out decorations that you put out 3 weeks ago is just not realistic for some. Three, it's a refreshing spin on the autumn decor we see year after year!

So be bold and welcome fall with open arms...but make it a good farewell for summer too.

Cotton branches

Are these great or what?! This is the next best thing to add warmth and fall earth to your home other than candles. They look great in any pot, jar or vase and do so much with so little. 

Succulent pumpkins

What a year for succulents in home decor! Well the ball hasn't stopped rolling for these desert-esque looking plants we love so much, and when added as an embellishment to white pumpkins, it takes all we can muster to not squeal at the very sight. Click here or the photo for the full DIY on succulent top pumpkins.

Tip: They make gorgeous faux succulents which are not crazy expensive that might be an easier alternative to this project. I have personally seen these at Hobby Lobby and Michaels just to name a couple.

Woodland Pumpkins

The knotty wood look makes these pumpkins more symmetrical to a deep-in-the-forest cabin feel than Halloween. The neutral colors lend themselves to go almost anywhere in your home. Click the photo to order them online direct from Pier 1. 

Magnolia Wreath

I am over-the-roof about magnolia wreaths right now, and it doesn't completely have to do with Joanna Gaines. This beautiful wreath can be hung just about anywhere in your home and adds a wonderfully modern, earthy and artistic feel wherever you put it. The green and brown colors make it perfect for that summer to fall transition, but really this thing could hang on your wall 365 days a year without a season-clash. 

Birch logs

Birch is a powerful decor piece because it is so user-friendly. You can do just about anything with birch and it will look like you're a professional. Here are two ideas I love for the launch of fall. Beautiful!

Door mat

See what we're doing here? A simple rug with the word "gather" indirectly speaks of fall, harvest and colder weather approaching without saying "Boo!" or "Happy Thanksgiving". One rug, 3 holidays. 

Cozy sweater blankets

Remember in one of my summer posts when light linen blankets stretched across the arm of your couch or chair had that light, summery, beachy feel? Well it's time for the swap. Nothing says "winter is coming" like a blanket you could crawl in and never come out of. Yes please?

Dried hydrangeas

Dried and pressed flowers are cognizant of the end of summer anyways, but they make the transition so much prettier don't they? (Plus, they require a lot less maintenance than potted flowers, right ;)) Any flowers will work but hydrangeas look great in quite literally any space.



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