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How to Prepare for the Thanksgiving Season

Photo Credit: A Place For Us

It’s no doubt there are two spectacles that fuel the month of November: food and shopping. With Halloween behind us, the season of giving has begun, and so too the countdown to Thanksgiving and Black Friday. This being said, in the spirit of the beginning of this new season and those of you ready to dive into the holiday décor, I have attached a few links to websites with creative suggestions on how you may want to start your decorating this year. There are plenty of ideas on how to style your home and begin preparing for home parties and gatherings, use these examples to get your creative juices flowing! As the cold weather hustles us indoors, the time for home entertaining has arrived. Also be sure to check out the infographic below which shows how to easily prepare your table settings for any occasion this season. More on the holidays including recipes and other tips to come!




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