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How to Go on Vacation Without Leaving Your Own Home

Desperate for a vacation getaway, but lacking the amount funds needed to leave town? In the spirit of spring break, this week is all about achieving the ultimate getaway without getting away at all.  Behold the power of art! Now, I know what you’re thinking:  “she can’t really be suggesting that hanging something on my wall is comparable to going on vacation” and while you may be right in a physical sense, you can’t put a price on a better state of mind. Believe it or not, your mind is a powerful thing and sometimes seeing IS believing! While you may not currently be able to travel the world, you might be able to afford the time and money to makeover a room in your home where you like to spend your time. A large piece of art on an accent wall can greatly affect the feel of the space – in a good way. And the best part? Your options are limitless! Depending on the art, you can “go” wherever you’d like to. See this trick at work below. (If you like any of the pieces seen below click on the photo to go to the website where I found it…some of them are available for purchase!)

The best part of this project, in my opinion, is the flexibility it lends. You can be as bold or subtle with the art as you like, depending on the impact you would like it to have on your room. The best way to achieve this is size.

For a more simplistic look, order sizes like 16 X 24 inches and once framed, hang it above a dresser or lean it against the wall as seen here.

Another way to achieve the impact you want with smaller sizes of art or photography is to create a gallery wall. A good tip to tie all the pieces together is to choose the same style of frame for each photo, or at least the same color.

If you don’t want to deal with the mess of hanging multiple frames, but still want a powerful impression on the space, you can get a single print in a large size, like 30 X 30 inches as seen here.

Want to go to the desert? This 30 X 40 inch camel print is just the ticket. 

This grey wash print has more of a subtle impact with its neutral tones and serene feel but its large size helps to set the mood in this southwestern minimalist dining space. 

For a more tropical feel, this water print will turn any room into an oasis!

And for the ultimate impact, meet the mural. The nice part of this approach is that it gives the boldest effect without the hassle (or cost) of a frame. Many can be ordered online, all you need to figure out is the dimensions of the desired wall. They are typically applied with either wallpaper paste or a self-adhesive material. Talk about an affordable getaway!



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