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Easy & Fabulous DIY Home Décor on a Budget

Sometimes home decorating can take a backseat when you’re short on cash or inspiration. Nevertheless, thanks to the internet, namely Pinterest, and therefore easy access to an overhaul of idea-sharing, you can now leave the inspiration to the world wide web and keep the big bills in your pocket with these easy (& fabulous!) do-it-yourself projects to spice up any – or every – space.

The goal is to combine pretty with practicality and I think we’re off to a good start.

Mason Jars

It’s no doubt that mason jars are a staple when it comes to home décor projects. This can be attributed to how highly universal (and fun to look at) these glass containers are. See below how 3 mason jars affixed to a board free up precious counter space in your bathroom. Convenient and economical, you can typically find a case of 12 jars for $10-$20.

I also discovered this great site that lists 16 creative uses for mason jars. Love them all!

Gold Painted Glassware

If you’re looking to spruce up what’s in your cabinets, or if you’re brave enough to have converted to the “open shelving” concept in your kitchen, then check out this DIY Metallic Patterned Glassware. Believe it or not, it’s as simple as cutting your favorite design out of this polyester sign vinyl film (about $30 for an entire roll) and sticking it to your glass items. 

Store bought glassware can be expensive so this is a great option with endless possibilities. Click on the photo below for instructions.

DIY Sliding Barn Door

Could it be?! Sliding barn doors are growing in popularity but they seem at times a fictional dream only found in magazines and HGTV “dream homes”. Well you can now personally thank the Sweet Maple Blog for giving you step-by-step instructions on how to make this dream décor piece a reality. Depending on what material you find or use for your door you’re looking at spending around or under $100. That’s less than a nice pair of boots!

Whitewash Brick, Stone or Wood

Whether you feel “up” on what’s trending in home design right now or not, I can comfortably tell you that white & grey are taking interior decorating by a storm. If you’re looking to spruce up your interior space without spending a ton of cash, here is an idea that can make a big impact on your home and not your wallet. Whitewashing your brick, stone or wood fireplace is a great way to keep some of the character of the original texture while creating an exciting new look for the whole space. Below are some examples – click here to learn how!

Wall & Calendar Photos

A great way to liven up white walls in any space while tailoring it to your own individual style is to add personal photos or a display of calendar photos as seen below. Another great idea is to clothespin small photos to a string of lights draped across the wall. Talk about an easy, inexpensive and energy efficient way to decorate and light your space…win win win!

And if you’re short on time, frames and lights, you can always go for the European hostile look and tack your favorite cards and photos straight to the wall.

Mini Wardrobe Rack

If you’re short on space and wall décor, this idea will get you two birds with one stone. Take this piece of industrial pipe affixed to a wall. Using s-shaped hooks, you can free up large amounts of shelf or dresser space by hanging pants by their belt loops. In this example they’re even able to put a small bookshelf on top. Pleasing to the eye and storage space, what more could you ask for. You can buy the pipe on for around $30 and the hooks for around $17.


While mirrors are not always cheap to buy, you can easily reclaim ones you may have in storage, or find them at antique stores for a more affordable price. The gold in mirrors is that they naturally reflect light, enhancing whatever illumination is already in your space, and they are fairly versatile. Check out this mirror with a 3D frame re-purposed as a tray. 

OR reclaim your cheap full length mirrors into expensive looking pieces to show off in the most traveled rooms in your home! Click the photo for directions.

Wall Art

I know that the last thing you probably think of when talking about affordable ways to decorate is art, BUT if you’re willing to put a little creativity and some of your DIY skills to work, you can have a beautiful display of art at an affordable price. is a great source for cheap prints of all kinds. You can order the prints online and frame them yourself. From photography to illustrations to watercolor, the print possibilities are vast. Removable wall decals are also a new way to liven up a space without putting holes in the wall or damaging the surface (and they can be yours for about $15).

It’s no doubt that the word “wallpaper” creates in some an internal whimper and haunting flashbacks of the nightmare it was to remove it in your childhood bedroom, or your own fixer upper. The bad news is wallpaper is starting to resurface somewhat, but the great news is that it’s come a long way and is now labeled “removable wallpaper” and comes with a self-adhesive that does not ruin what is behind it or your peace of mind. And this fun Dalmatian print starts at just $34!


Of course this had to top off the list. Design shows like HGTV’s Fixer Upper are all about re-purposing beautiful décor pieces at often times a fraction of the price you would pay to buy it new. All it takes is a free afternoon to visit your local antique and consignment shops and an eye to look past the “old”.  It’s amazing what a fresh coat of paint and new hardware can do!



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