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Creative Storage Solutions for Every Room in Your House

Creative Storage Solutions for Every Room in Your House

The whole concept of "organizing" and even getting rid of things to organize has been trending in the interior design realm with recent heightened popularity. However, the ability to turn - a blog post for example - from your computer or phone screen into fruition is sometimes lost in translation. This week, therefore, we will break down the elements of those highly organized and professionally designed rooms in magazines and on the internet so you can achieve your very own desired level of clutter management.

Here are simple, easy to apply storage solutions for every room in your house!


The key for an overall organized look is in the details. Things as small as whether the blankets that live on your couch are folded or not can make a big visual difference in how the whole room looks. Behold a practical and beautiful solution to store all your living room blankets: the ladder! It takes less space than a basket and can become a part of the rooms design instead of tedious storage. (Plus there are plenty of DIYs out there about how to make one yourself to cut on decorating costs.)

A great way to accent a window in your living room is a bench seat, and even better than a bench seat is one with cubby holes for added storage below it. Click here to find a DIY on how to change a bookcase into this beautiful combination of pretty and practicality. 


As an appreciator of organizational habits, I'm always drawn to ideas that make it easy to know where everything is supposed to go. With these labeled totes you can clean your potatoes ahead of time and throw away that messy bag as soon as you get home from the store. The bins wouldn't have to go in drawers if that's not a possibility for you, (try instead a pantry or cellar) but it's definitely efficient space in this picture. Love it!

Diagonal drawer dividers makes so much sense to me. The ultimate goal is to maximize every square inch of kitchen storage as possible and this allows for easy access and storage in the very back of the drawer. You can buy adjustable drawer dividers, or if you're feeling crafty, cut pieces of wood to give it a professional look and craftsman feel. 

This is by far my favorite kitchen storage solution. Particularly if you have a smaller kitchen and somewhere to tuck an island comfortably. The rolling island is multifaceted in that it adds counter space, storage, visual appeal and if it's on wheels, versatility. Win-win-win.


Storage in a dining room can be a challenge if you don't have an armoire to put fine china - or don't want one. Open shelving in the kitchen is trending and now spilling over into the dining room. Store your large, clunky or rarely used kitchen items specific to hosting and entertainment on these tiered shelves saving you loads of precious room in your kitchen. 


Those of us who have the problem of too many shoes have the bigger problem of where and how to successfully store them. If under the bed or stacked on a floor-to-ceiling wall of shelves works for you, kudos. However, nowadays there are pieces of furniture devoted specifically to shoe storage, and it's refreshing. This specially designed dresser of drawers can store almost 30 pairs! 

If you take your shoes out from under your bed and purchase some bed risers, you're literally ADDING space to your room by using it vertically instead of horizontally. And if you're not afraid of heights, this is brilliant - and super easy. 


This is the same concept as the bed risers. Take advantage of wall space to add counter space and storage to bathrooms squished for space. 

Lazy Susan's aren't just for the kitchen. When put under your bathroom sink, it will feel like you have double the room you actually do. 


I think this picture speaks for itself. If you have the room, building this laundry basket shelving system will change the entire laundry cycle as you know it. Once you stack, you'll never go back! Click here or on the photo for specific DIY instructions. 



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