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Easy & Fabulous DIY Home Décor on a Budget

Sometimes home decorating can take a backseat when you’re short on cash or inspiration. Nevertheless, thanks to the internet, namely Pinterest, and therefore easy access to an overhaul of idea-sharing, you can now leave the inspiration to the world wide web and keep the big bills in your pocket with these easy (& fabulous!) do-it-yourself […]


Your REALTOR® will become a great resource for you throughout the home buying process with their first-hand experience and knowledge of the market. You will want to make sure you feel comfortable with him or her, and trust they are giving you sound advice on your purchase. Make sure you “click” with your REALTOR®. It […]

'Every year I think up new ways to torture myself at Christmas.' (Model: Ivane G at Profile Models). Photograph: Gary Salter for the Observer Gary Salter/the Observer

Ingenious Ways to Organize After the Holidays

With December coming quickly to a close, many of us are breathing a sigh of relief – or just beginning to breathe again – as the holiday chaos starts to diminish. With 2016 just days upon us, it’s time for the fresh start of a new year and getting our homes…and lives…back in order. While “spring cleaning” […]