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A Last Minute DIY Guide to Unique Mother’s Day Gifts

A Last Minute DIY Guide to Unique Mother’s Day Gifts

Here it is, 2 days before the big day and I’m betting there are a handful of us procrastinating offspring out there that haven’t yet prepared or purchased a Mother’s Day gift. Sure, you can go out and buy the latest and greatest trinkets and coffee mugs that she gets every year, but don’t moms appreciate handmade gifts even after we turn 5?

Everything listed here should take much less than a day to complete so carve out some time to put into a gift for the special ones that have supported and tolerated us through years good, bad & ugly. She deserves it.

Click on photos for links to each tutorial.

DIY Wool Dryer Balls

For moms that do laundry and are uncomfortable with the negative environmental impacts of dryer sheets (or simply would like to stop buying them) they might be pleased to be gifted these handmade wool dryer balls that get the job done just the same. They couldn't be more simple to make and an added tip is to add a couple drops of her favorite essential oil for that mild fresh laundry fragrance we can all appreciate. 


DIY Succulent Garden

A unique spin on getting mom flowers is a do-it-yourself succulent garden that's super easy to put together. Another bonus is they will last much longer than fresh cut flowers and they're some of the most maintenance-free greenery you can own. (Cheater hint: if you know mom is a certified plant killer and wants nothing to do with them there are plenty of real looking faux succulents to do the trick as well.)

Here's to a gift that doesn't "SUC". 



DIY Wine Gifts

If you have a mom who likes to entertain and frequently has an extra bottle of wine around for impromptu guests (or herself) this next project might be for you. There are two examples below, one requires tools, such as a pipe cutter, which might not be something you have lying around. The other, however, is tool free. 

DIY Copper Pipe & Leather Wine Rack


DIY Wine Bottle Citronella Candle


DIY Tote

I feel like a common theme behind any Mothers Day gift falls into one of two categories: to make her feel good or to help her out. This next one does both. Totes are a sacred thing to women, they are a catchall to the random necessities being a mom requires throughout the long days and having one that looks good and was handmade is just the cherry on top.


DIY Jewelry Organizer

By now your mom has probably received all the jewelry she will ever need for the rest of her lifetime, and will still likely receive more. So why not maker her somewhere to put it instead. 2017 is trending rustic and native vibes and leather in DIY projects is all over the place. The nice thing is that leather is a quality item that will last a long time, it looks (and smells) good, and is in this case extremely practical. All things sure to make her swoon.


DIY Blooming Monogram

Afraid to sway too far from tradition? This Blooming Monogram is impressive, simple and a fun spin on a fresh bouquet of flowers. Plus it's completely customizable so you can fill it with whatever flowers you know she'll love. Similar to the succulents if you want it to be a more permanent piece use artificial flowers. Spring is officially in swing, help her enjoy it.


DIY Spa Day

Finally, when all else fails and you can't make up your mind about what you think mom wants or needs, just remember there is one thing all moms have in common and that is: all moms love to be pampered. This doesn't even necessarily mean she needs to be a bath person per say, she just needs to bathe which I think is the safest assumption of all options listed here. Voila! A Mother's Day she will enjoy for many days to come.

DIY Bath Soak


DIY Shower Melts



Rachael Dvorak

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