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7 Dreamy Sunrooms to Inspire

7 Dreamy Sunrooms to Inspire

Sun and summer are pretty much synonymous in the Midwest and, in my opinion, summer is the fastest time of year. It's hard to believe it is already August which means Halloween is going to be here before we know it. If you're one of those people that has an annual period of depression going into fall knowing the darkness and cold are creeping in, there might be a solution you may not have considered as an antidote to this issue. It's called a sunroom and it has the potential to become the most popular room in the whole house.

If you don't have one already in your current home, many can be added on by expanding into your backyard if your lot allows. Known for walls of windows, sunrooms are great environments to grow indoor plants, enjoy the scenery over a nice cup of coffee or catch up on gossip magazines and your favorite Steven King novel.

Not to mention, beautiful lounging spaces and bonus rooms often help to increase the marketability of your home! Here are 7 themes that show off how dreamy (and customizable) sunrooms can be to inspire what could be your next home project. 

Beachy Coastal

A screened-in dining porch in a contemporary Lowcountry home.

Cozy Industrial

Create an Elegant Statement with a White Brick Wall Design Ideas

Cape Cod Cottage

Sun Room: Reclaimed 100 yr. old brick laid in a herringbone pattern, antiqued "Haint" blue ceiling.

Cabin Hideaway

Screened in porch

Warm Southern Porch

Charming Sunroom Design Ideas Appealing Sunroom Decor with a Hanging Sofa – Interior Design

Farmhouse Chic

A crisp alternative to barn doors. I'm liking this look ❤️

Wanderlust Bungalow

Back Porch Ideas - If you have a back porch, you probably have been as guilty as the rest of us by not doing much to provide a welcoming environment.


Rachael Dvorak

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