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10 Easy Decorating Tools to Bring Summer Indoors

10 Easy Decorating Tools to Bring Summer Indoors

It’s no surprise that summer is the most coveted season of many Nebraska dwellers. Less the humidity and occasional severe thunderstorm, the outdoors is where many of us like to be enjoying time with friends and family at seasonal events or in the backyard.

If you’re not the “decorista” type and think having seasonal decoration changes to your home is a waste of time or money, hear me out. There are many quick, easy and cost effective ways to enjoy the beautiful summer months indoors and out.

1. Vases

We’ve come a long way from the 80’s and 90’s when everything from the drapes to the bed sheets to the dishes had to be a continuing “theme” of spring/summer, fall or holiday. These days, simplicity takes the cake and minor changes can go a long way. So, to top the list, is our easiest solution to indoor summer living: flower vases. See the two examples below: on the left are sea glass vases from Vivaterra retailing for $39. While they are beautiful I promised economical choices, so on the right is an almost identical alternative from Ikea for $3.99 for a set of 2. No bouquets needed for these small guys, so one or two fresh flowers a week will keep summer alive in whatever indoor space you choose.

2. Accent Pillows

Pillows on your living or bedroom furniture are a breeze to change out, highly versatile and can totally change the entire atmosphere of the space! Take this vivacious and boho chic accent pillow from the pottery barn. Colors this bright may be a bold choice, but as long as there is fluidity with the rest of the space, it’s a risk worth taking. Another choice are these calming linen pillows – also from the pottery barn – when added to any seating area will instill a beachy vacation vibe all summer long.

3. Book ends

I love the idea of decorating with books, I think it adds charm and character to any space. So – why not show off your favorite reads with some summer-inspired book ends! Sometimes it’s the subtleties that are most noticed. Which would fit best in your home, pineapples or driftwood?

4. Terrariums

Similar to the vase theme, terrariums are all the rage in interior decorating right now and with good reason. These little plant cages are meant to house low maintenance house plants such as moon valley friendship plants and aquamarine. Click here for Better Homes & Gardens list of terrarium-friendly plants.

5. Summer Throws

Maybe it’s just me, but I think a sofa with the right throw draped across it screams “comfy cozy”. Winter is a fun time to play with faux furs and rich textures, but stick with something light for the summer such as this lovely linen throw for when the air conditioning gets a little too chilly.

6. String lights

One of my favorite places to see string lights is on a backyard porch or patio; however, these lights can add the same desirable ambiance indoors as well. When draped across your ceiling or outlining a window, they can, in any room, give off intimate coffee shop outdoor vibes.

7. Accent Rugs

Similar to the accent pillow idea, rugs can easily be seasonally switched out when the room needs design encouragement. Again, if you are seeking low maintenance change and don’t have a lot of extra storage for seasonal switch-outs, pillows and rugs are the way to go. Here is a fun leaf print rug from Lulu & Georgia.

Bar Carts

Bar carts are an easy and affordable alternative to installing an actual bar into your home – plus most of them are on wheels so you can conveniently move and host your summer parties outside when necessary. 🙂

9. Poufs

An older, more mature brother of the bean bag, poufs are gracing the stage of modern interior design offering convenient extra seating, foot rests and eye candy. And a continuing bonus – they are completely mobile so move them from room to room or the deck!

10. Woven Wall-Hanging

These 3 dimensional alternatives to your typical wall art will add textures and earthy sentiments to your summer inspired rooms far beyond a picture frame. The following examples are from the WeavingMyStory store on Etsy, and while they are over $100 a piece, they’re relatively inexpensive compared to other fine art options.

There you have it. Whether big, small, cheap, or not cheap, the road to a blissful summer indoors can be yours with a few easy updates. Good luck!



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